What should I expect in my first appointment “launch” ?


During this session we will discuss the details of your specific food cravings, daily routines and lifestyle. Whether you love to cook or eat out, I will customize an approach that fits you and your lifestyle comfortably. You will receive nutritional guidance, and the tools required to maintain a healthy, balanced approach to food and life.

What should I expect in my 50 minute follow up appointment “sustain fifty”?

During this session we will cover any questions you have and other specifics that have popped up since your launch. This is where we will make any adjustments to your restyled way of eating and create additional plans to keep you moving forward.

What should I expect in my 25 minute follow up appointment “sustain twenty five”?

During this session we will give new strength and energy to you and that lifestyle plan and reinvigorate, revise and update as necessary to insure you reach your goal.

How many appointments should I plan to have and how long does it take?

Depending on what option you choose I suggest 2-4 sessions.

Does my first appointment have to be the launch session?

Absolutely , this is where we pin point your desired lifestyle and create a road map toward that lifestyle.

Should I meet with you in person?

I’m available in Los Angeles, CA so if that’s possible, great!. All work is equally effective in person, over the phone, or Skype.  Please note that all appointments are booked in Pacific Standard Time.

What do I have to do to prepare for my session?

Be excited, willing and authentic with your answers.

How do I set up a appointment time?

You can book online. Once your appointment is booked be sure to subscribe to appointment reminders. You will receive a confirmation email with the necessary information regarding your appointment.

What if an appointment time is not shown as available online?

There is a high priority option available for an additional $100. To request this option please email connect@wellnessstyled.com with your request.

What is the cost?

Launch: 80 minutes- $240. Sustain Fifty: 50 minutes- $150. Sustain Twenty Five: 25 minutes – $75. Travel and Restaurant Styling- princes ranges from $350 and up.

How and when do I pay?

Payment is required at that time at booking.

What happens if I want to change my appointment or I miss my appointment?

If you decide to re-prioritize your schedule and want to change your appointment, please confirm this at least 48 hours prior to your scheduled session. You will then be refunded or credited for your rescheduled time. If you miss an appointment or reschedule later than the required 48 hrs you remain responsible for the charge.

Do you ever have in home visits?

Yes, please send an email to connect@wellnessstyled.com to discuss details each home visit varies in price dependent on the time, travel and the specifics of what we will be covering during the visit.

Do you work with families?

Absolutely, our relationship and lifestyles start at home. Your investment will last a lifetime when personally created for you and your family.