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Eating good food, having more energy, feeling lighter and healthier. Making choices based on what your body is asking for and your personal lifestyle. It’s all possible. Welcome to Nutrition Styles.

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live for today

Everyday you are presented with choices about your health and wellness. Giving clients tools that support choices in each moment knowing that those moments are an investment in the future they are creating.

deconstruct what you know

Everyone’s body is unique. Nutrition Styles works one on one with you to create a healthy lifestyle plan.


Nutrition Styles works with you to identify situational strategies for every eating environment.

invest in yourself

Your body, you only get one making the investment in it is the best one you will ever make. This is a plan created for success that celebrates food, that’s maintainable and delicious.


Changing how you eat, changes how you feel. Live healthier and happier now.

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is Dana

who is nutrition styles?

Dana Kofsky is a licensed nutritionist and corporate wellness consultant. From the moment you meet her you’ll notice her warmth and positive energy right away. She truly cares about you, and helping you feel better and more energized. That’s why everything she does is customized just for you. Counting calories, generic plans, they often don’t work and they don’t get to the heart of the matter.

Dana Kofsky, Nutrition Stylist, understands that one size doesn’t fit all. That’s why she tailors her approach to healthy eating just for you. Every one-on-one consultation is unique. Because you are.

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As a finance professional my days are long and I am constantly entertaining clients. I needed some good ideas for food combinations and choices to sustain me throughout my day without putting on extra weight. Dana understands me, my lifestyle, and my nutrional needs and customized an eating plan just for me.


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launch session

During this session we will discuss the details of your specific food cravings, daily routines and lifestyle. Whether you love to cook or eat out, I will customize an approach that fits you and your lifestyle comfortably. You will receive nutritional guidance, and the tools required to maintain a healthy, balanced approach to food and life.

maintenance session

We will cover any questions you have and other specifics that have popped up since your launch. This is where we will make any adjustments to your restyled way of eating and create additional plans to keep you moving forward.

kitchen re-style

This is done using a photograph exchange. Simply email photos of your current pantry, fridge and freezer and you’ll receive back images of the healthy exchange.

body reset

For people who simply want a reset. This 21 day reset will cleanse your palette of typical food cravings and improve your overall health. Includes 21 days of specialized protein powder and a PDF guideline. Purchase now

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Every week I highlight new, simple, and healthy choices for you to enjoy!

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The time is now to start living healthy.